Introduction to My Space

by Lu

Hi this is my first blog on our new website. First, let me thank my wonderful husband for the many hours of work spent on this endeavor. I thought I would open this conversation up with a helpful hint for all the jewelry wearers out there. Did you know that those little desiccants that are tucked away in your shoe boxes can be very useful in the world of jewelry? They can actually help prevent tarnishing. I place them in jewelry boxes and in small plastic bags which contain some of my pieces. A great way to recycle these but beware they are poisonous to all creatures great and small.

This blog is open to all subjects not just confined to jewelry and painting, I also love gardening and have a potting shed with my artwork actually painted on the walls...the best canvas ever... knitting and crocheting...ooohhhh and love a good recipe or two. So, fire away and join the conversational fun with me.

Enjoy your colorful world,